Please can you start by telling us a little bit about yourself, where you are from, your background, and how you came to live and/or work in Portugal.

I am born in France at 30/01/1962 in a city called Orléans, I already wanted to be a painter when I was young, I was drawing and running in nature all the time, we moved near Paris when I was 14, Painter was not considered as a job so I choosed to do drawings for materials, I started the beaux art in Paris, then preferred starting to work, it was not a good period for this job so I finally found myself doing décoration for cinema for about 10 years, then I left paris to move in the south of France to be in the nature and to paint more, I did a lot of différent kind of jobs but it always had to do with decoration or/and painting… I did a lot of exhibitions, mostly around where I lived because I did not want to run everywhere… Then I wanted wilder nature and arrived to Algarve...

Tell us about your art and what you specialise in / what your passion is.

I try, since I’m 20 to be as free as possible in my work, so I try to do intuitive paintings, because the mind don’t like you to be free, it is really an adventure !! Intuition is the first idea… so I try to catch it, intuition can be also the pleasure we have to do this or that, so I follow it too, and what I like is to have surprises when I do something, not to know the result before starting, but discovering where it brings ...

I use to do figuratives paintings, but I wanted to feel more free and found that abstract was better for it.

I always work on différent paintings at the same time, the thing is to loose the mind so the intuition can come, making différent paintings at the same time is like playing hide and seek with my mind !

Sometimes paintings are coming very quickly like an evidence and others take very long, I put them in a corner until the idea comes. Often after one year or much more, I want to change a painting and then I rework over it, stick others silk papers or try a new experience.

Now I am having a lot of pleasure to paint, but it was not always like this, it’s not easy to be free there is always so much possibilities… I had to learn to listen deep inside…

Can you tell us how you create your work, where do you source your ideas from - and how do you decide what to do with each painting?

I try not to think too much about what I will do, I let ideas come, I try them, but sometimes I do something else, I try to do intuitive work… But the last serie I did the theme of the points because I really wanted to do it…

What is your technic ?

I work on monotype since 16 years, monotype means one unic imprint, I paint on a glass, with pigments and oil, and I take a imprint with paper or silk paper.

Then I stick my papers or silk papers on a canevas, stack them, I usually finish with dry pastel and of course varnish.

How do you plan your working day?

I start by an hour of yoga and meditation, then I can work a few hours until I miss concentration, I can not be half concentrated, otherwise my work suffers from it.

Who - or what - is your inspiration in the art world? Do you have any artists or designers or movements that inspire you?

I like mostly the old painters like : Miro, Matisse, Kandinsky, Alechinsky, Nicky de Saint Phalle, Calder, Bram Van Velde, Twombly, Basquiat…. And some ungnowed painters I have crossed in my life.

The Japonese, also inspired me, in their approach, I had a few lessons of calligraphy and it had a great influence on my work.

When did you start finding your 'voice' in terms of your own unique style and processes?

It came slowly, I would say about 15 years.

What do you want your work or you art to do? How would you like people to respond to your work?

I only want to share good things, I like when my work makes people look with their imagination, it is also the reason why I don’t put titles. And it works, people tell what they see and find they one story… once a lady arrived in the galerie with a baby in her arms, while she was speaking to me the baby wath looking at a painting, when she wanted to go the baby start crying he was so captivated by the painting that he did not want to move...

An other time I meet a very aware man, he told me we become what we paint, I was surprised, but a few days later a friend shown me a book of art of a friend of him, and I sow a very strange sculpture with red lines on a face, he told me that his friend got hill later, he had the same kind of lines as the sculpture !!

What else are you working on or planning for the future - what can we look forward to from you?

For the moment I am working on spots, that can be planets, cellules, light, games, fruits…

I chose a simple theme and finally find that there is huge possibilities, so I think I can stay a long time on it, it is such fun !!



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